Best Tips to Book Cheap Flights to Delhi on Weekends



Delhi is one of the most visited tourist attractions in India. The city’s main flying hub, Indira Gandhi International Airport is the busiest one in the country. It receives millions of passengers from all around the world and a significant amount arrives from USA. In this article, you’ll get to know tips to book cheap flights to Delhi on weekends. 

  1. Plan in Advance. 
  2. Search for Flights in Incognito Mode. 
  3. Book Flights During Special Airline Sales.
  4. Make Use of Discounts offered on Credit/Debit Cards.
  5. Use Your Airline Miles to Get Discounts. 

Popular American routes such as Washington-Delhi, Newark-Delhi, Houston-Delhi have numerous flights that cater to the needs of the growing number of passengers. Be it a festive occasion or a family function, most people prefer to travel on weekends. And because these days are more in demand, the airlines tend to increase the cost of the flight tickets. 

But if you plan well, you might end up saving big on your travel expenses. Here are some tips to book cheap weekend flights to Delhi.

  • Plan in Advance

You might have heard this tip so much that it now doesn’t sound like one. No matter when and where you are planning to travel, the key to saving on your flight expenses is planning at least two months in advance of your scheduled departure. Although, generally weekend flights are a little expensive when compared to those you get between Mondays and Fridays, booking your itinerary months before your planned trip is beneficial. 

  • Search for Flights in Incognito Mode

It’s a known fact that search engines store cookies and browsing data of users. This way, they obtain key data about the date of journey, flight route, number of people traveling and a lot more. This information is then shared with various travel booking websites who hike the cost of the flight tickets seeing the rise in demand. If you search for flights in incognito mode, the searches you make won’t be tracked and so the cost of the tickets shall remain constant. 

  • Book Flights During Special Airline Sales

Most airlines tend to start sale campaigns to attract more customers during low season. So, if you plan in advance, you can make use of this opportunity and book your flight tickets at a cheaper price. 

  • Make Use of Discounts offered on Credit/Debit Cards

Certain credit or debit cards give huge discounts on booking flight tickets. You might not only get these discounts but also credit/debit card points, which you can utilize for your later purchases. So, if you book cheap weekend flights to Delhi using these cards, you might end up saving a decent amount. 

  • Use Your Airline Miles to Get Discounts

One of the easiest ways to get cheap weekend flight tickets to Delhi is making use of your travel miles. But for this, you need to be a frequent traveler and loyal to a particular airline. Even if you are not one, you can use your friend or family member’s airline miles; of course, if they are ready to share. 

And once you land in the capital during a weekend, you might want to try different things to make your stay memorable. So, after you are over your jet lag, you can start exploring the magical city.

Things to Do in Delhi on Weekends

  • Check Out the Various Pubs and Nightclubs

As someone who enjoys the nightlife, you can explore the numerous nightclubs and pubs in the city. Drink, relax, gorge on some delicious food, make new friends and chat about what they are doing to make their weekend interesting. 

  • Explore the Iconic Connaught Place

If you are not in a mood to do much, you can just take a stroll across Connaught Place. It is one of the most popular shopping areas and a hanging spot among the youth here. You will be left amazed by the large variety of high-end brands found in this market. Stop at Subway, Saravana Bhavan, Bhape-Da-Dhaba, Pizza Hut, or Farzi Cafe when you get hungry. 

  • Visit Old Delhi to Relish Local Delicacies

Do you really want to explore Asli Delhi? Then you must head to the older part of the city. It is here where you will find most of the historic monuments such as Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid etc. But along with a lot of tourist attractions, this area is also popular among both the locals and tourists for its mouth-watering delicacies. Be it halwa puri, chole kulcha, kebabs, biryani, piping hot parathas or momos, you will fall in love with the authentic flavors at the eateries here. 

  • Check Out Dilli Haat 

If you love handicraft items, you should definitely check out the Dilli Haat. Located in south Delhi, this place has a lot of small shops that sell handmade jewelry, clothes, handbags, footwear and a lot more. If you get hunger pangs while you are picking your favorites, you can stop at the various eateries here to indulge in the local delicacies. 

  • Enjoy Coffee in a Popular Cafe

There are many best cafes in Delhi that you can visit if you are craving for some caffeine. This is one of the easiest things to do in Delhi on weekends after a long flight as you can just hang out and relax, maybe while listening to some soft music. Order some light snacks and you will be full until your next meal. 

You can book cheap flights to Delhi on weekends with Indian Eagle and save more on your travel expenses. So, why wait, plan your itinerary to the national capital today! 

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