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Coron Island has unbelievable scenic beauty that you need to see to truly accept yet remain in awe of this marvel. Many Filipinos agree that Coron Island is the most beautiful island in the archipelago. It is famously known for its underwater World War II wreckage sites but it also boasts breathtaking natural beauty from hot springs to crystal clear lakes. Coron Island is in the Palawan Province housing a number of stunning lakes including the cleanest one in Asia. 

A trip to Coron Island is the best way to get away from the huge tourist crowds that rarely visit this magnificent place. Here are all the essential things to do in Coron, so you don’t miss out on anything. Unleash the beauty of these untouched places in Philippines for a memorable tour. The list covers food, stay, adventure and a way to connect with nature. Read on to make the most of the last minute flights you booked to this wonderland.   

A Foodie’s Journey in Coron 

If you are all thrilled with your last minute flights to the Philippines then you need a little idea about the area. The most basic and satisfying thing to do while traveling is eating interesting new cuisines or the same old ones made uniquely. Coron Town is the main center of delectable food from restaurants to cafes, they have it all. Get Real Cafe is an open roof multi-cuisine restaurant on Real Street serving food from Tex-Mex to Italian.  

Another epic eatery on the same street is Kawayanan Grill that specializes in seafood and other exotic meals. The ambience features cozy kubo-style huts with low tables and cushioned seating making it a comfortable dining experience. Try out the Kawayanan Platter if you are in a huge group or have big tummies to enjoy all the different seafood delicacies.  

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Lake Hop through Coron Island 

Coron Island is considered the most beautiful island for many reasons and its pristine water bodies are one. There are 11 lakes spread across its rugged terrain but two that stand out are the Barracuda and Kayangan Lake. They are perfectly placed near each other making it a fun trip to move from one lake to the other. 

Barracuda Lake is popular for its diving activities in its brilliant turquoise waters. Just a dip in the water will give you that ultimate rush of happiness. Kayangan Lake is on the other side of Barracuda covered in lush greenery. The water here is crystal clear making it the cleanest water body in Asia.     

Snorkel to Stunning Beauty

While Coron is filled with land beauties, its underwater is just as thrilling with magnificent corals to explore. Siete Pecados is one of the most famous snorkeling sites in Palawan Province with a rich coral life. You need to take a boat from Busuanga Island to reach this site and witness lush underwater life thriving. 

Smith Coral Garden is also popular for swimming with the fish and seeing beautiful corals up close. Banana Island is covered in white sanded secluded beaches that are filled with wondrous underwater creatures like giant clams. Snorkeling at Banana Island is hands down one of the best things to do in Coron.   

Coron is not too far from the Tubbataha Reefs which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. So read up on the wonders under the sea; facts about Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park; know before you go.  

Let Your Mind and Body Rejuvenate at Maquinit Hot Springs

A trip to Coron involves a lot of physical activity and while it is a thrilling experience your body and mind needs to relax. Your vacation is not complete without a visit to this serene hot springs for a rejuvenating experience. What makes Maquinit Hot Springs unique is the fact that it is a saltwater hot spring unlike any other in the Philippines. 

The spring gets quite hot but paired with the sunset and you’ve got yourself a perfect end to your trip. Now that you have exciting things to do in Coron added to your itinerary, the next step is travel accommodations. If you need affordable flight tickets booked with the added benefit of great customer care click on iEagle for a worthwhile experience.

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