Vital Things You Need to Know Before Booking for Holidays



Taking a break from the monotonous life is a rewarding thing. Holidays are a way to get away from mundane daily tasks and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Going to an international destination for the perfect holiday seems like the perfect plan, right?  

But planning a vacation in this fast-paced world takes a toll on your energy and time. You have to go through lots of things simultaneously, from researching your destination to packing appropriately. But before you can kick back and relax, there are a few vital things you need to know before booking everything for your next vacation.

The paradigm of traveling has changed since the pandemic. The prices of flights, hotels, and car rentals have shot up. As per the studies, the prices of international flights have increased by up to 40%.

We are going to discuss the following vital things you need to know before booking in this blog article.

  • Knowledge of the Rules of the Country
  • Passport Validity for International Travel 
  • Appropriate Time to Book Cheap Flights
  • Cash or Credit Card While Taking a Trip to India from the USA

Knowledge of the Rules of the Country

In the list of things you need to know before booking, the first thing is to get to know the rules of your destination country. When you are traveling to a foreign country, you must be aware of all the rules and regulations of the concerned country as an international traveler. As a US citizen planning to travel to India, it is significant to know the norms and rules to visit India. Here are some critical things to consider before you go:

  • Passport: A valid U.S. passport to enter India. 
  • Visa: You will need a valid visa to enter India. 
  • Vaccinations: Make sure you have all the required vaccinations, especially for typhoid and hepatitis A and B recommended for travel to India
  • Consultation: Always consult your doctor before going to travel abroad.

Passport Validity for International Travel 

A passport is the most significant thing you must be taken care of while planning to go on vacation internationally, in this case, to India. As a US citizen, you must know the rules and regulations regarding expired passports and the 10-year validity rule.

The foremost requirement to travel to India is the validity of your US passport. It must be valid for at least six months beyond your planned departure date from India. It means if your passport is going to expire within six months of the stipulated travel date, you need to renew it to avoid any last-minute hassle.

In addition, there is a 10-year validity rule for U.S. passport holders in India. Let us understand it with an example. If your passport was issued when you were 20 years old, then it must be valid for at least 10 years from the issue date of your passport i.e. till 30 years of your age.

Appropriate Time to Book Cheap Flights  

The aviation world has adopted the technology since the inception of flight booking algorithms. Every airline works on a dynamic pricing factor. The prices of flights, especially international ones, fluctuate every day, week, and month. Thus, it becomes difficult to book cheap flights with the impact of so many external factors. 

Yet, there are some ways to book cheap flights. You must book your flight in advance to avoid the peak-season surge charges. Always make sure to take advantage of airline loyalty programs to book affordable flight tickets.

To save more, you can book Indian Eagle flight tickets. This flight booking website offers the best deals on flights to USA and India and vice versa. Indian Eagle customer care service is the best when it comes to booking cheap flight tickets.

Cash or Credit Card While Taking a Trip to India from the USA

A credit card can be more beneficial while you are on an international trip. You can use credit cards instead of cash to avoid high exchange rates. 

With credit card usage, you can be levied with a transaction rate lower than the cash exchange rate. However, always keep track of your expenses.

Proper planning before you leave for your holiday can do wonders for you economically and mentally. With everything in place, you can enjoy your travel journey without any hassle.

If you are worried about the prices of flights and wondering how to book a flight on Indian Eagle to get exciting deals. Book flights from SEA to DEL to get cheap and hassle-free flight booking. 


What are the 3 types of travel documents required for US citizens?

Re-entry permits, TPS travel authorization, and Carrier documentation are the most significant documents.

What are the requirements for traveling abroad?

You will need a valid passport, a visa, foreign currency, and a travel health certificate.

What is the 311 rule on international travel?

This rule implies that each traveler can carry liquids, gels, and aerosols in travel-size containers. The limit is 100 milliliters or 3.4 ounces.

Can I travel to the USA with less than 6 months on my passport?

No, your passport must have at least six months of validity beyond your period of stay in the United States. In special cases, it can be exempted by country-specific agreements.

How much USD can I carry to India from the USA while traveling? 

As per the rules, there is no limit. But, you have to declare your currency value if it exceeds USD 5,000. Also if the total foreign exchange exceeds USD 10,000.

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