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Traveling is an incredible experience, isn’t it? While falling sick during a vacation or after returning from a holiday is one of those things about traveling that has always had us concerned, it is now sending chills down one’s spine. As the world struggles to let itself loose of the grip of the global pandemic, no one exactly knows when it is safe to travel again, and not many are ready to travel in these circumstances. But one thing is for sure – post-pandemic travel is going to be different from the way we traveled in the pre-COVID era. Health factor takes center stage when we travel again. So, how do you ensure you stay healthy while traveling? Check out the most useful tips for staying healthy while traveling and travel with confidence.

Research your destination and check travel advisory:

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To begin with, you must thoroughly research your destination to get the lay of the land. Go through the travel advisory issued for your destination to be sure that there is no hint of any health emergency in the place you are traveling to. Keep yourself updated on the latest happenings at your destination, from the day you plan your travel and book international flights to the day of your scheduled travel. 

See your doctor before you travel:

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Leaving for your holiday in good health is crucial to stay healthy while traveling. So, schedule the doctor’s appointment for a regular check-up and go ahead with your travel plans only when you are in optimal health. Speak with your doctor regarding your upcoming travel, the places you are going to, the activities you would like to take part in, etc., and take recommended vaccinations.

Pack a travel-size health kit: 

Travel size health kit
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There are going to be a lot of additions to your health kit for your post-COVID travel. Besides your personal medications, prescriptions, and health insurance card, your health kit must include – hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, disinfectant sprays, vitamins, antacids, anti-diarrhea medicines, fever medicines, cold & flu relief medicines, decongestant nasal drops, cough drops, insect repellents, and skin protection items such as sunscreen, anti-itch cream, etc.

First-aid items like adhesive bandages of various sizes, antiseptic ointments/ solutions, cotton gauze, tweezers, scissors, and electrolyte solutions are a must!  

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Keep yourself hydrated:

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A thing as simple as drinking enough water during your trip goes a long way in ensuring that you stay healthy while traveling. Traveling makes you dehydrated, so you need to drink more water. If you are worried about the quality of the local water, use purification tablets or carry a reusable water filter bottle with you or buy bottled water or opt for fruit juices, but do not forget to take fluids. Staying hydrated is crucial for the body to fight infections.

Walk as much as you can:

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Though the purpose of traveling is to break the routine, you couldn’t afford to skip certain healthy habits such as daily workouts. You may not have easy access to a gym like at home, but there are several other ways to break a sweat. One of the simplest ways is to walk as much as you can, which is also a very useful tip for staying healthy while traveling.

When are out sightseeing, choose to explore the hidden places on foot. Go for a walk in nature, breathe fresh air, and feel rejuvenated! You can follow your yoga routine and also do several exercises in your room, including pushups, lunges, and squats.

Eat Healthy to Stay Healthy while traveling:

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While it is hard to resist the urge to indulge in the culinary delights of a new place, you must always keep a check on what and how much you are consuming. Eat a healthy, balanced diet; consume lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. Pick healthier options when dining out. Go for vegetarian dishes, and cut down on your meat consumption. Eat seasonally to boost your immunity. Instead of eating out all the time, try cooking one meal a day (if you stay in hostels or rentals with a kitchen) by purchasing local produce from local supermarkets. There is so much fun in living like a local!

Sleep, sleep, and sleep:

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Last but not least, get enough sleep! Traveling is exhausting, and your body needs rest. What else can work wonders on your tired body than a good night’s sleep? Quality sleep is even more important when you are crossing time zones, which disturbs your circadian cycle and can have a direct impact on your immune system. So, salubrious sleep is a necessity, more than a tip for staying healthy while traveling.

Don’t also rush to see a lot of places and do a lot of things right from the day-1 of your trip. Remember you are going on a vacation to chill out, not to overstress yourself with several other things. Consider planning a long trip and spreading your itinerary so you can explore places at your own pace. 

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