Vistara Implements Tech to go Paperless: The First in India



Indian airports and airlines are now constantly upgrading their infrastructure and services with new tech and innovations. The latest in line for one such upgrade is Vistara. It will now go paperless for its flight operations with the introduction of an e-tech logbook solution. It is the first airline in India to do so.

Vistara goes Paperless

Vistara (jointly owned by Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines) has partnered with ULTRAMAIN for its electronic logbook maintenance software (ULTRAMAIN® ELB™). It is workable with both Android and iOS devices but Vistara will, as of now, operate it on the latter. Engineers as well as the flight crew will use the application for maintaining day-to-day data related to the journey, fueling, cabin work, any damage etc. Essentially, now all technical logs will be paperless. The idea is to utilize the software for greater operational efficiency. The airline is awaiting approvals from the authorities for its full implementation.

Vistara will utilize ULTRAMAIN® ELB™ for processes such as:

  • Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS)
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Operational Support (AMOS)
  • Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS)

Airline Tech Upgrades – Why these Matter?

Automation improves efficiency and it is paramount when it comes to aviation. Tech to improve operations can benefit all stakeholders. Bolstered capabilities can mean seamless experiences for the passengers as well as the ground staff and the flight crew. It will, ultimately, also lead to an improved bottom line for the airlines. New and better tech can also help augment safety features when it comes to airline operations. Flight delays and cancellations make the news but operational efficiency remains in the background. Improvements in the latter will eventually reduce the former.

With an increase in competition, it is paramount that airlines constantly evolve in every way.

Flight delays can cost airlines a great of money. It can also sully their reputation and in time lead to lower bookings. Operational glitches can cause unnecessary delays leading to a host of problems. Good tech solutions can reduce instances of inspection delays and other problems before these escalate.

Maintaining the same ideal level of customer satisfaction, right from flight ticket bookings to the time passengers disembark from aircraft at the end of their journey, can be precarious. The same applies to the entire operational cycle for each flight; day after day.

Operational efficacy can make or break an airline. Constant innovation is necessary in these times when passenger traffic continues to increase with each passing year.

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