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Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, was built largely in the 18th century under the Rajput ruler, Sawai Raja Jai Singh II. It was meant to be the commercial capital of Rajasthan. In 1876, a pink hue was painted to welcome Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, giving the city the nickname, “Pink City”.  It is here that you find the most majestic palaces, forts, and castles that are the best venues for a royal, fairy-tale wedding. Also, the fact that it is called Pink City adds to the charm! Read on for some of the best wedding venues in Jaipur.

There are many amazing and charming spots in Jaipur, where you can celebrate your most cherished wedding. Here is a list of 7 such venues.

Lohagarh Fort Resort and Spa

Lohagarh Fort Resort and Spa

The Lohagarh Fort was built by its owner and managing director, Mr. Bhagat Singh Lohagarh, a man who appreciates good artwork. He belongs to the royal family of Sinsinwars of Bharatpur. The family had played a significant role in the history of India by resisting the Mughals as well as the Marathas successfully.

The fort is in Kukas, an area near  Jaipur, spread across an area of 12 acres, and offers three beautiful, well-maintained gardens – perfect for the most charming wedding. It is surrounded by forests and greenery. For your wedding guest, it has accommodations in the range of cottages and villas, a pool for general enjoyment, and catering service.

Tree House Resort

Tree House Resort

The Tree House Resort is nestled in the Syari Valley overlooking the Aravalli Ranges. It is spread around 300 sections of land offering a picturesque view. The position of the venue gives you time and space away from the hustle and bustle of city-life, hence making it one of the best Jaipur wedding venues. The rooms are arranged in tree-top style; the suites made of wood under the eco-accommodating guidelines.

The Tree House Resort has its own in-house décor, DJ, and catering team; making it easier for arranging your most perfect wedding.

The Raj Palace

The Raj Palace

Built in the year 1727, in the pre-colonial era, The Raj Palace was originally called The Chaumoo Haveli, named after the last ruler of Chaumoo, Thakur Raj Singh. It boasts to being the oldest mansion in Jaipur. In 1996, the princess of this royal family, Jayendra Kumari, had it converted into a luxurious hotel; and it is what it remains to be today.

Located on Amer Road in Jaipur, it provides accommodations for all your guests and a parking area. It also has a pool for entertainment and aquatic activities. The company also provides in-house vendors for catering, decoration, and DJ. It is one of the most attractive wedding venues in Jaipur.

Clarks Amer

Clarks Amer
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The Clarks Amer boasts of being Rajasthan’s first five-star hotel. It offers the option of arranging everything or you can do all the arranging. It is located 10 km from the city center, which allows for peace and calm in the lap of nature, making it a great Jaipur destination wedding.

The hotel offers rooms and accommodation the likes of which are royalty-worthy, each of them being a mini-museum, showcasing a medieval artifact.

Rajasthali Resort and Spa

Rajasthali Resort and Spa

The Rajasthali Resort Spa, set in a beautiful mix of peace and extravagance features, is at Kukas. It offers the best accommodation for your wedding guests with each window overlooking lovely views of the Aravalli Mountain Ranges.

Hosts have the option of either providing their own catering or letting the hotel’s in-house staff provide it.

It is one of the best wedding venues in Jaipur.

The Nest Jaipur Resort

The Nest Jaipur Resort

The Nest Jaipur Resort, specializing in exotic marriages, opened in the year 2021, in the city of Jaipur. Away from the commotion and fuss of the city, this is a great spot for an agreeable, delightful wedding.

It offers good amount of accommodation for your guests with rooms, suites, and mark suites in which the western social references meet with Rajasthan’s imperial legacy – all at reasonable prices.

Inside the hotel, in all the areas, you’ll find paintings, hand-made furniture, and crafts of different cultures and regions. You will surely fall in love with this Jaipur destination wedding.

999 Retro & Lounge

999 Retro & Lounge

Located at C-Scheme, the 999 Retro & Lounge, it is a half-an-hour’s ride from the Jaipur airport. Established in 2018, it had been designed as an ideal spot for pre- and post-wedding events. Accommodation is not available for guests. You can opt for in-house catering. You can choose decorations from outside vendors. It is one of the most charming wedding venues in Jaipur.

Have you attended a wedding in Jaipur in a place that didn’t make the list? Do make sure to comment below!

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