Wildlife Sanctuaries Near Pune: Exploring Nature’s Treasures



Pune, located in the picturesque state of Maharashtra, is blessed with an abundance of wildlife sanctuaries that serve as vital conservation areas for endangered species. These protected habitats not only ensure the survival of diverse flora and fauna but also provide visitors with an opportunity to witness nature’s wonders firsthand. If you’re in search of a blissful retreat amidst nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, look no further than the magnificent wildlife sanctuaries near Pune. So plan a trip and book Indian Eagle flights for an affordable trip.

These sanctuaries offer a sanctuary of peace, where you can immerse yourself in the splendor of diverse flora and fauna. Here are the top Pune wildlife sanctuaries that will leave you awe-inspired and longing for more.

1. Karnala Bird Sanctuary – A Bird Watcher’s Paradise

This is one of the wildlife parks near Pune which is situated just 120 kilometers away from Pune, the Karnala Bird Sanctuary beckons nature enthusiasts and avid birdwatchers. Known for its remarkable avian diversity, this sanctuary is a haven for those seeking an up-close encounter with feathered wonders. From the vibrant Malabar pied hornbill to the melodious Indian paradise flycatcher, the sanctuary is a symphony of colors and melodies. Embark on a mesmerizing trek to the historic Karnala Fort, which offers panoramic views of the sanctuary and its surrounding lush landscapes.

2. Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary – Where Wildlife Thrives

At a distance of 77.9 kilometers from Pune, the Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Named after the revered Mayureshwar temple, this sanctuary is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike. Immerse yourself in the enchanting landscape as you witness the graceful Indian gazelles, elusive Indian foxes, and a myriad of fascinating reptiles. The sanctuary also boasts ancient rock-cut caves, adding a touch of history to your wildlife expedition. So don’t wait anymore! Book a first-class ticket to India and enjoy a memorable journey.

3. Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary – Nature’s Abode

Approximately 131 kilometers from Pune lies the captivating Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary, nestled in the Sahyadri Range of the Western Ghats. Covered in dense evergreen forests, this sanctuary is renowned for its population of the Indian giant squirrel, also known as the Malabar giant squirrel. Watch in awe as these magnificent creatures leap from tree to tree, their vibrant fur contrasting against the emerald green canopy. Don’t miss the chance to visit the best wildlife sanctuaries near Pune.

4. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary – Where Nature Reigns Supreme

A scenic drive of 149 kilometers from Pune will transport you to the mesmerizing Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. Set against the backdrop of the majestic Koyna Dam and the Western Ghats, this sanctuary offers a surreal experience for nature enthusiasts. Traverse through dense forests and picturesque valleys, keeping a keen eye out for the elusive Bengal tiger, graceful Indian leopard, and mighty Indian bison. Birdwatchers will be delighted by the sanctuary’s diverse avian population, both resident and migratory. Capture stunning photographs of the picturesque Koyna reservoir as you lose yourself in the tranquility of this pristine wilderness.

5. Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary – A Hidden Gem

Prepare for an unforgettable journey to the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary, located approximately 179 kilometers from Pune. Tucked away in the Raigad district, this sanctuary is a hidden treasure, known for its remarkable biodiversity and unspoiled beauty. Embark on a guided trek through the dense forests, accompanied by the melodic symphony of chirping birds and rustling leaves. Keep your camera ready as you encounter the captivating Malabar gray hornbill, majestic Indian eagle-owl, and other fascinating avian species. So, don’t wait anymore. Search for the cheapest flight booking website and book affordable flight tickets to enjoy a budget-friendly trip.

Whether you’re a bird lover, wildlife enthusiast, or simply seeking solace in the lap of nature, these wildlife sanctuaries near Pune will fulfill your desires. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders, capture breathtaking photographs, and create lasting memories amidst the picturesque landscapes.

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