7 Brilliant Ways to Enjoy the Ultimate Zen Vacation This Summer!



Why should you bother about these ways to enjoy the ultimate Zen vacation this summer? Well, because travel is meant to help you take a break from your everyday stressful life. And if that’s not happening, you’re probably doing it all wrong. From rejuvenating vacations for couples and wellness vacations for elderly travelers to therapeutic vacations for singles, there are a lot of trip options out there. However, regardless of the type of trip you pick, there are certain things you must do to enjoy the vacation to its fullest. What are these things? These are nothing but the simple ways to enjoy the ultimate Zen vacation this summer we’ve listed below. Read and learn how to make the most of your vacations henceforth!

How to Have the Ultimate Zen Vacations:

Set aside wellness vacations for singles. Also, forgo booking last minute flights to take spiritual vacations halfway across the world. Travel is more than exploring offbeat world destinations and booking healing vacation packages. A change of scenery, a new perspective, and living in the moment are all things travel should bring about. To know more, take a look at some really easy ways to enjoy the ultimate Zen vacation this summer.

Don’t leave things chaotic back at home

While it may sound simple, it’s actually among the most effective ways to enjoy the ultimate Zen vacation this summer. If you’re in a frantic state of mind, you’ll end up making mistakes that will cost you massively. For instance, you could forget to turn off the main water and a tap would be running somewhere. Maybe you’ve left an incomplete work project you were supposed to send in before leaving for the trip. These things will snowball into something huge by the time you get back home from one of your retreat vacations. So keep calm and forgo chaos.

Pick a peaceful place

A vacation should be an experience as liberating as it is fulfilling. If you wish to truly ‘Zen out’, you need to pick a place that is the epitome of peace. For instance, the stunning hill station of Dharamshala in India would be preferable to the urban jungle of New York if you wish to attain that inner peace. Stay in peaceful lodges, meditate in tranquil settings, explore at a slow pace, and even eat healthier. Forgo the intense and hyper pace of seeing and doing things. Let the peaceful vibe of the surroundings wash over you.

NEVER cram too much in a single trip!

This is among the topmost ways to enjoy the ultimate Zen vacation this summer. One of the biggest mistakes travelers make is to believe they can cover pretty much everything in just one trip. Nothing could be further than the truth. When you stuff too many things into your holiday itinerary, it becomes a race against time to tick them all off. You will end up frustrated while trying to do everything on the list. This is the exact opposite of a Zen vacation. So, do yourself a favor and slow down.

Give spontaneity a chance

To elaborate on our previous point, one of the best ways to enjoy the ultimate Zen vacation this summer is to be spontaneous. Have a roughly-drafted itinerary but don’t stick to it religiously. We cannot plan the happiest moments in our life. We have to take each day as it comes and be open to every opportunity that comes along. Sure, cross off a couple of bucket list items. But also be prepared to dive in uncharted territories without any planning. After all, this is the most exciting part of travel!

Focus on leisure activities

It’s absolutely understandable if you’re investing in business class flights to try something exciting like Bungee Jumping in China or Ocean Rafting in Australia. Hey, some people even travel halfway across the world for a food program because they think those are healthy vacations! But don’t think that fun and healthy vacations are all that matter. You should also focus on restful and leisure activities during the trip. For instance, try Ayurvedic spa resorts in Kerala, India or spiritual vacations in Thailand.

Simply laze about for a day

Relaxing is the key to a fulfilling holiday and among the top ways to enjoy the ultimate Zen vacation this summer. No one is packed to the brim with unstoppable energy to keep up with a highly intense tour. We all need to take a step back and simply relax. Be unapologetic about taking an entire day off just to refuel and re-energize. You need to be in good health physically to attain that much-needed peace of mind. Sleep in, watch a movie, read a book, order room service, or just lounge by the pool. You can also find a quiet beach to sunbathe all day long.

Lastly, don’t forget to smile

This is among the most important of all ways to enjoy the ultimate Zen vacation this summer. No trip will be worth your time and money if you aren’t happy. No matter where you go on cheap international flights, you will always feel lonely and left out unless you give happiness a chance. To channel that inner peace, dig out that inner child in you. Smile at and mingle with the locals. Stay with them, if possible. You never know what invaluable life lessons someone so different than you can impart. So, let go of your worries, relax, and enjoy your most ‘Zenned out’ vacation ever!

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