7 Dangers to be Aware of on US Hiking Trails



Hiking is one of the favorite activities of adventure travelers. It is the perfect idea of exploring natural beauty with that thrill and adrenaline rush. IN the United States of America, there are several adventurous hiking trails, some as easy as a two hours stroll and some are the dangerous hiking trail on the Appalachian mountain. Undoubtedly it is a terrific experience but hiking has also taken away several lives and the death news continues to circulate each year. Hiking comes accompanied by some risks and dangers which you need to watch and here we are with some of the dreadful dangers you need to be aware during your US hiking adventure.

Have a backup plan during unfavorable conditions

When on a hiking trail on a coast or hill, changing climatic and weather conditions is quite normal. There are certain areas in the US that are prone to quick and untimely rains. To tackle these situations, it is important to have a backup plan. Either have a rain gear and complete idea of the route that takes you to the end or have an alternate less risky route to the destination. These are the only two options that can keep you safe and allow continuing the hiking trail. Know about the weather conditions before booking your last minute flights to the United States.

Watch out the wild animals

One of the risks of hiking in a country like USA or any other country in general is the threat from wild animals. There are various areas in USA where hikers come across wild animals on their journey which could be as dangerous as falling off a high cliff. To keen the adventure going and remain safe at the same time, you should be aware of the kind of animals you might encounter en route – the rattlesnakes of California or the Northern States Black Bears. Learn dealing with the circumstances in a smarter way.

Be alert on alienated areas

Another important thing that people miss giving attention to is planning the hiking trip. You must be aware of the areas to be explored and the alienated areas it includes. Though it could be an adventurous experience to explore remote areas, yet it is equally dangerous. You must ensure having enough food, water and other essentials for the way. Do not forget to have a first-aid kit in your backpack as in the rarest case of an injury; you can make yourself okay before help arrives. This in particular is one of the dangers of hiking alone. If you are on a solo hiking trip, do tell someone about your plans and exact route as there might not be smooth network connection in the remote areas.

Do not always rely on the GPS

Undoubtedly, GPS has made life sorted for travelers, especially hikers and trekkers. However, the value of having a map is unmatched to your GPS service. GPS can fail to help you with the exact direction during a wet weather. Yes, electronics can’t be trusted completely all the time. Do not take them as an alternative to your route map no matter how useful they might be in giving you information. Always have a vital backup of a physical map.

Have all the time your need

Another major factor that you need to be aware of during your US hiking experience is overestimating yourself. If you feel a hiking trail in the country will take two days, better keep three days for it. The risks of hiking gets doubled when you are in a rush to reach the end point of your trail before dark or you haven’t considered the elevation involved while planning your day. You need to give yourself plenty of time to complete the hiking trail with ease and comfort. As soon as you disembark from your business class flight to USA, plan your hike patiently before reaching the base camp.

Be careful while crossing streams and rivers

While on a hiking trail in the back country, there won’t always be bridges with handrails to cross the rivers and streams. You might have to get over the wet rocks or just a damp log I the river. During situations like these, watch your steps and be very careful as you start footing on the rocks or log. If you get any hint or intuition of the route being unsafe, look for another one. Don’t risk your life playing a naive move.

Don’t get caught by fatigue

Research says most hikers (especially beginners) find it difficult to descend a mountain than ascending it. Ensure choosing a route ideal for your fitness level and you have sufficient amount of food and drinks to keep you active and filled. You also need to maintain focus when tired as this is the most vulnerable time for accidents.

Hope you will remain cautious on your next hiking trail as you now know the dangers to be aware of during your US hiking trails. Happy and safe hiking!

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