8 Cool Things to Do in Milwaukee



Milwaukee is a small but big city in Wisconsin which you should visit to feel the difference of atmosphere and peace it offers as compared to the big USA cities. You get to explore museums, universities, festivals, parties, food and you name it. Milwaukee might not be as big as Chicago but has everything that the latter does without any fuss like big cities. No matter you live in the city or it’s a winter holiday plan to visit, there are plenty of cool things to do in Milwaukee. Check it out here!

Go kayaking in the Milwaukee River

The one best thing about visiting a city with a river flowing through it is you have all the liberty to paddle down the waters kayaking, canoeing or simply on a stand-up paddleboard. You get to have the views you would never see otherwise if not paddling the kayak or canoe on the pristine river water. While getting a view of the city from the river, you can also stop for lunch at the Lakefront brewery.

Visit the Harley Davidson Museum

It was here in Milwaukee that the now world famous Harley Davidson motorcycle company inaugurated its first branch almost more than a century ago. If you are a HD fan, this museum is no less than a pilgrimage for you as it is the birth place of Harley Davidson. There are artifacts of their history and moreover, you get the treat of having a complete informational tour of the motorcycle history in America. Milwaukee is so good a place that people even book business class flights if economy seats go out of sale. Just imagine the charm of the city that makes people take this worthy decision.

Go on a road trip

One of the fun things to do in Milwaukee for adults is going on a road trip. A great thing about the city is not its being the drinking town but the fact that it is settled in the beautiful Wisconsin, a state full of little twins, strange yet appealing roadside attractions and breathtakingly amazing sceneries all around. So, take a day out especially for a road trip to the nearby places like Parfrey’s Glen, Morgan Falls and Mirror Lake.

Go biking to the Oak Leaf Trail

It is time to go out for some biking as the Oak Leaf Trail is waiting for you to explore. The trail is paved to miles and runs throughout the county. If you do not have a bike, there are rental bikes called Bublr Bikes available in downtown. Explore the quirky towns through the Oak Leaf Trail. What stops you now? Book your last minute tickets at Indian eagle and enjoy winters like never before.

Pass fun time on the urban swings at Swing Park

Situated near Brady Street under Holton Street Bridge, the Swing Park was initially established as an Underground project of urban reclamation. Today, the bridge has multiple swings hanging down with one exclusively for disabled children.

Do not miss any good restaurant in Milwaukee

Be it something to get in summers or some specific things to do in Milwaukee in winter, food remains to be one common and significant thing 365 days a year in the city. In the last few years, the food scene has changed and some fantastic restaurants and food joints have found a good place in the city. When in Milwaukee, do not miss the famous burgers and dim sum at Merriment Social, Iron Grate BBQ Co.’s Milwaukee-style ribs and small plates of Odd Duck. You can browse for some more scrumptious food places in the city over the city guide page on the Internet.

Have the iconic Wisconsin Beer

One of the cool things about Milwaukee is its BEER. You might forget this sometimes, so here it is again – Wisconsin comes under the top 10 beer states in the USA and one must have the finest beers of the state when in Milwaukee. Both locals and travelers have easy access to the fine and tasty beer. You will find beers in the city exclusively sold here. We are sure you won’t want to miss the chance of a lifetime to have that chilled drink!

Enjoy sunbathing on Bradford Beach

Milwaukee doesn’t have multiple beaches but has the beautiful lakefront for tourists to rejoice. In summers, you can be a part of the people playing beach volley ball at the Bradford Beach and having a relaxing sunbath all in your personal space. You also have other exciting activities to get indulged in like kayaking, kite flying and rollerblading just at a short distance from Veteran’s Park.

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