Which is The Best Airlines to Fly from USA to India



There are several reasons for residents of the USA to travel to India. It could be that they have relatives in the country, for their business/company purposes, or simply for tourism. 

And then there are some people whose life goal is to travel around the world and see everything. 

You might come into any of these categories – or none at all. 

Here are some of the best airlines for your flights to India from USA: 

  • United Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Etihad
  • Emirates
  • Air India

United Airlines

If you are seeking low-cost flights, then United Airlines is your best pick. It is USA’s best airline to fly to India with more than 5000 daily trips, both for domestic flying as well as international flying. 

In terms of its operations, Chicago O’Hare is the largest. 

United Airlines has more than 5,400 flights and over 319 destinations in 54 different countries – making it the largest network in the world! 

Tickets for babies on domestic flights are priced at 10% of the prices for adult tickets. 

Singapore Airlines

Singapore’s national carrier, Singapore Airlines is one of the most in-demand companies flying to India. Scoot and SilkAir are two of its best affiliates. It offers low-cost flight tickets with an incredible value for money. 

Your tickets can be canceled only within 24 hours, if you do not want to pay a penalty. Cancellation of non-refundable tickets will only reimburse tax charges. 

Singapore Airlines has some of the best fleets upgraded to suit its passengers and give them the best possible experience. Despite the lengthy nature of the flights, it has some good entertainment material and great staff for consistent service. 


Being UAE’s second largest airline, Etihad has over 1,000 flights across various destinations in the continents of Asia, Europe, America, Australia, and Africa. 

It offers games and movies that kids can amuse themselves with, so you do not have to worry much about them feeling bored. In addition, the airline staff is generally friendly and approachable. 

They claim to have policies and take measures that maintain the sustainability of nature. It has also been known to lead initiatives in providing aid during times of crisis. You should consider using Etihad to travel to India from USA


One of the best airlines in the world, Emirates is based in Dubai and operates in 81 countries across the world to over 140 destinations with more than 3,600 flights regularly. It has a fleet size of 262. Emirates has some of the best airlines to India

Their cancellation policy is similar to most airlines: to be able to make one without penalty, you must confirm your cancellation within 24 hours of booking your tickets. After that, your refund will be initiated and you will get it within a week. The price of tickets for babies is a fraction of that for adults. 

Air India

Being the largest international carrier in India, Air India is perhaps the best and the most preferred company to travel from USA to India

It has the best in-flight experience that includes music, movies, games, and news. It offers complimentary drinks to everybody, including the economy class. It has various domestic and international schemes you can check out on its official website. It also has some special offers for its corporate passengers. 

Air India has some of the best flights to India to offer. 

These are some major and popular companies where you can book flights to India from USA.

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