8 Best Beaches in Maine for Swimming, Surfing, or Simply Lazing About!



        Visiting some of the best beaches in Maine is simply a must when touring this spectacular northeastern state in the US. With approximately 3,500 miles of stunning albeit jagged coastline, Maine is home to some incredibly lovely beaches. While the state can be on the cooler side for most part of the year, travelers will really enjoy Maine’s beaches during the summer. Stay at some of the best beach towns in Maine, visit as many gorgeous beaches as you can, and have the most enjoyable beach vacation ever! To help you decide where to begin, we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best beaches in Maine. Take a peek at it below!

Most Beautiful and Popular Beaches in Maine to Visit:

Maine is home to some of the most fabulous family vacation spots in the US. However, even solo travelers arriving on last minute flights for an impromptu holiday will love Maine. With lush sandy shores and shimmering waters, the best beaches in Maine will ensure you make multiple trips to the state in the future. Check out and decide which of the following Maine beaches you’d like to visit first!

1. Crescent Beach

If you’re looking for Portland Maine beaches, this is among the nearest ones. Crescent Beach Maine is a classic sandy beach replete with lush blades of grass. There is a snack house, a play area for children, a bath house, and a picnic area. Visit with loved ones and spend an entire day having fun! There are coastal walking trails at the nearby Kettle Cove State Park that avid hikers will enjoy exploring.

2. Old Orchard Beach

One of the best beaches in Maine, Old Orchard Beach is also its longest one. Free and open to everyone, this spectacular stretch of sand is an iconic landmark in the region. The wood-plank pier features scores of bars, restaurants, and other entertainment options to keep people of all ages occupied. Palace Playland at the Old Orchard Beach Maine is a popular place to hang out during the day time.

3. Sand Beach

This spectacular sea-shelled beach surrounded by jagged cliffs and fragrant pines is among the best beaches in Maine for swimming. Although, be warned that the water at Sand Beach is still pretty cold even during the warmest days. There is no beach more scenic and serene than this one in the region. If you’re visiting on business class flights with your beloved in tow, this is an incredibly romantic Maine beach to visit.

4. Reid State Park Beach

The generous donations of Walter East Reid, a much-loved resident of Georgetown have ensured that the stunning Mile and Half Mile Beaches remain accessible to the public. The massive expanses of gorgeous sandy shores offer exciting opportunities to fish, swim, build sand or wood fortresses, and bird watch among other things. Also, the picturesque beauty of the place makes it a delight for photography enthusiasts.

5. Popham Beach

Gather seashells, swim, or head out to surf at Popham Beach Maine, of the best beaches in this awesome US State! This is a great beach to visit, not just for its scenic beauty but also for the stunning historical landmarks nearby – Fort Baldwin and Fort Popham. One thing to note is that the beach has been narrowed due to the dynamic shifting of sands over time. So before you visit Popham Beach, one of the best beaches in Maine, check the tide schedule for the day.

6. Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Maine Beach is a barrier beach measuring 3 miles long. There is a bridge across the beautiful Ogunquit River that connects the stunning beach to the village. The word Ogunquit, when translated from the Abenaki language means beautiful place by the sea. And how beautiful it truly is! Although the place witnesses plenty of visitors regularly, you can still find remote areas of the beach that are less crowded.

7. Goose Rocks Beach

Backed by dunes, this stunning 3-mile sand stretch is among the best beaches in Maine. While parking may be difficult, that is just one of the few lows of visiting the Goose Rocks Beach. Visitors can be found combing the beach at low tide to hunt for stray dollars, shells, and other gifts from the massive sea. Animal lovers can grab their binoculars and spot sunbathing seals on the offshore rocks.

8. Parsons Beach

When you book cheap flights to USA from India or elsewhere for your Maine trip, make sure to include Parsons Beach in your travel itinerary. Among the best beaches in Maine, the soft-sand Parsons Beach is ideal for those looking for less-crowded places. Although an offbeat choice, the gorgeous beach offers a welcome solitude, lush wilderness, and mind-boggling views of Mount Agamenticus from its shores. The privately-owned beach is magnanimously shared with the rest of the masses by the Parsons family.

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