6 Of the Largest Cities in India You Should Visit in 2020!



Have you visited at least one of the spectacular largest cities in India yet? India is synonymous with cultural diversity, traditional values, and enchanting spiritualism. Being the second most-populated nation in the world, it is but natural that India must have some big cities for its modern crowds to live in. Most of the top 20 cities in India happen to be among the largest ones as well. The country is so vast that it’s impossible to see it all in just a single trip. However, by making a few dedicated return trips, you will be able to cover most of this magnificent land. Shall we take a look at some of the most fabulous largest cities in India? Consider visiting at least one of these on your next India trip.

Largest Cities in India to Visit on Your Trip:

If you’ve visited some famous cities in India, the chances of these being among the largest ones are quite high. You probably just didn’t know it since the fact is not really highlighted by tour guides. How about you book some last minute flights to some of the known largest cities in India for your next trip? Take a look at the awesome options below and find one you like the best!

[Note: Numbers are estimates only and subject to change over time. Therefore, they may vary in actuality.]

1. Mumbai

Arguably topping the list of famous cities in India, Mumbai is also the most populated city in India with over 18 million inhabitants. It’s also among the largest cities in India by area. The charming port city Bombay was rechristened as Mumbai in 1995 and has been popular as the fast-paced City of Dreams ever since. Home to innumerable cultural, historical, and spiritual attractions, Mumbai is a must-visit. Also, it’s quite possibly the richest city as well since its home to most of the millionaires and billionaires in India.

2. New Delhi

Delhi is the second largest city in India in terms of population. With over 16 million inhabitants, the national capital-cum-Union Territory is on the bucket lists of avid travelers across the world. If you’re a female solo traveler visiting Delhi for the first time, you can join one of the several women’s travel groups in India. They will organize group tours for you to explore Old and New Delhi. Visit and marvel at the sublime blend of modernity and traditional values Delhi is renowned for.

3. Kolkata

The gorgeous and vibrant capital of West Bengal, Kolkata is among the most stunning largest cities in India for you to visit. Formerly called Calcutta, this awesome city is among the most-sought-after travel spots in India. Also, it’s the only city in the region that’s home to an international airport. Thereby, it will be easier for you to book business class flights from abroad for your Kolkata trip. Make sure to enjoy popular attractions like the Howrah Bridge and Belur Math. Tasting Bengali desserts and fish curry is a must for foodies!

4. Chennai

Serving as the capital of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is among the most exceptional largest cities in India to visit. Home to over 8.7 million inhabitants, it is a modern getaway for people living in rural parts of Tamil Nadu. It’s also among the best medical tourism destinations in the world. Owing to its automobile and technological developments, Chennai attracts a large number of expats. Thereby, be prepared to encounter an eclectic mix of population when you visit Chennai.

5. Bengaluru

Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, is also among its largest and most frequently visited cities in the country. Did you know that an estimated 33 percent of all IT companies in India are located in Bengaluru? Well, it’s true and a major factor in its population growth. A lot of people relocate to the city in search of IT jobs. As a result, the largest city in Indian state of Karnataka, Bengaluru is home to over 8.5 million people – and the numbers just keep growing! Besides the IT boom, there are marvelous historical, religious, and nature-based attractions to enjoy as well.

6. Hyderabad

The capital of Telangana, the youngest Indian state, Hyderabad is most famous for its mouthwatering Biryani. But did you know that it was also among the largest cities in India? With over 7.7 million inhabitants, Hyderabad is a force to reckon with when it comes to deciding which the largest city in India is. There is more to this city than lip-smacking Mughal dishes. Hyderabad has stayed true to its roots and flourishes even today as it did back in the day trading in pearls, spice, diamonds, and more. Its architecture and fashion are highly regarded as well.

        Did you pick your favorite from the list of these stunning largest cities in India? If you have, it’s time to book those cheap flights to India for a trip! Explore charming Old Delhi streets, shop in Mumbai Street markets, gorge on delicious Hyderabadi Biryani, or soak in the fervor of Durga Pujo in Kolkata! Visit any of these remarkable largest cities in India and have the best vacation ever!

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