Top 5 Sacred and Divine Places to Visit in Rameshwaram



Have you ever wanted to visit a beach town that hasn’t been ruined by civilization or over-tourism? Then Rameshwaram, a coastal town in Tamil Nadu, is the place for you! The alluring azure blue confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, as well as the sun shining down on two countries, India and Sri Lanka, can all be experienced in Rameshwaram, the holy city.

As you take in the religious tales of the epic, Ramayana, in the quaint little town, watch the pristine blue waters touch the shores. The beauty of the coastal city will leave you wondering if you have indeed skipped countries! Rameshwaram exudes beauty in every way. Take a look at these places to visit in Rameshwaram and get ready to discover the best of this land.

List of 5 Best Tourist Places in Rameshwaram

  1. Kothandaramaswamy Temple
  2. Agni Theertham
  3. Five-faced Hanuman Temple
  4. Adam’s Bridge
  5. Water Bird Sanctuary

Kothandaramaswamy Temple

It is located at the southernmost tip of the country, is a fantastic tourist attraction in Rameshwaram that is over 5 centuries old! The temple is close to the sea and appears to be an ideal location to see Lord Rama’s footprints. Along with Vibhishan, the temple contains idols of Rama, Sita, and Laxman. Lord Rama is believed to perform the last rites of Vibhishan’s Pattabhishekam in this location. The temple walls are covered in paintings that depict the same story.

Agni Theertham

Agni Theertham, one of India’s 64 sacred baths, is always at the top of the list when it comes to the best places to visit in Rameshwaram. Bathing in this sea is thought to cleanse one of their sins and purify them. Holistic rituals such as those for the dead ancestors are performed on the coastlines of this pristine beach. Pilgrims who want to take a sacred bath must first take a dip before proceeding to the Rameshwaram Temple.

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Five-faced Hanuman Temple

This temple, located a few kilometers away from the Rameshwaram Temple, is famous for the five manifestations of Lord Hanuman and is one of the most prestigious Rameshwaram tourist places. The main idol is said to be carved from a massive Senthooram Stone, which was extremely valuable in ancient times. The Hanuman Temple is said to contain stones from the Rama Setu, the bridge constructed by Hanuman’s army of monkeys to rescue Goddess Sita from Lanka.

Adam’s Bridge

This one-of-a-kind location should not be overlooked when planning a trip to Rameswaram. The Adam’s Bridge, also known as the Rama Setu, is a historic bridge that connects India’s Rameshwaram island to the north-western coast of Sri Lanka. The bridge is a network of limestone shoals that begin at Dhanuskodi, India’s Pamban Island’s tip, and connect to the Indian mainland via a 2 km long bridge. Due to its geographical and religious significance among tourists, it is one of the most promoted places by Rameshwaram tourism.

Water Bird Sanctuary

If you enjoy the outdoors, this is one of the best places to visit near Rameshwaram in a single day. Rameshwaram is more than just a religious site. Visitors who want to see something other than temples can go to the Water Bird Sanctuary, which is home to many native and migratory water birds. Between October and January, the sanctuary becomes a battalion of migratory birds that come to breed and feed their young.

Which is the best time to visit Rameshwaram?

Summers in Rameswaram is hot. The temperature during this season ranges between 27 and 40 degrees Celsius. The afternoons can be quite sunny. However, the morning, evening, and night-time hours are pleasant for exploring the town.

During the monsoon season, Rameswaram experiences average rainfall and slight humidity. During this season, the temperature ranges from 28 to 35 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit and explore Rameshwaram tourist places is during the winter. Winter weather is pleasant and enjoyable. The lowest temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, and the highest is 30 degrees Celsius.

When it comes to places to visit in Rameshwaram, the list is endless. So why are you waiting? Plan a trip this holiday season with your loved one, book low-cost international flights with Indian Eagle, and grab the best deals. Let Rameshwaram welcome you with love and happiness.

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