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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Rajasthan is Udaipur’s strong forts and opulent palaces. These opulent palaces in Udaipur spell splendor and grandeur in all their forms, with striking architecture, elaborate design, and an overall grand vibe. There are many palaces in Rajasthan that are very beautiful in terms of architecture and heritage. These locations recall the state’s glorious past. Now, let’s take a look at City Palace in Udaipur, which is one of the best palaces in Rajasthan that you won’t want to miss.

Overview of Udaipur’s City Palace

The Udaipur City Palace is the most extensive regal headstone in Rajasthan. There are now, chambers, belvederes, galleries, balconies, spaces, and swinging grasslands in the Palace. There is also a gallery that displays the most refined components of Rajput craftworks and civilization, ranging from colorful pictures to the specific architecture seen in the city castles.

The City Palace, cradled in the core of the Aravallis, stands in stark distinction from its charming natural setting. The regal palace’s intricate architecture is a fine blend of European, medieval, and Chinese influences, with multiple crowns, angles, and buildings. It is an imposing presence to observe, lying on a bed of lush green gardens.


The palace’s history is intertwined with the Mewar empire, which rose to prominence near Nagda. Guhil founded the kingdom and set the Maharana reign in 568 AD. In 1537, his legatee Maharana Uday Singh II took the kingdom, but the danger of renouncing authority to the Mughals made him migrate the capital to a territory. The new city of Udaipur, covered by woods, and the strong Aravalli Hills, was secure from invaders and moved on to construct the castle in the direction of a solitary. However, many modifications were driven to the current design over four hundred years. 


With a height of approximately 244 meters and a width of 30.4 meters, the main facade of it is quite a sight. This palace is notable for being homogeneous in the design and construction of its many structures since many additions were made to it over time. The interiors of the castle, which are made of granite and marble, are richly decorated with elaborate mirror pieces, marble creations, murals, fence illustrations, silver creations, and colored mirrors. Elegant balconies, tall buildings, and domes add another dimension to the complex’s architecture. The terrace of the palace offers an inviting view of the city.

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When is the Best Time to Visit the City Palace?

It is best to visit the City Palace early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid crowds and the scorching heat. The winter season, from October to March, is considered the best time to visit City Palace because the weather is mild.

Because the palace complex is a popular tourist destination, there is much availability of autos, taxis, tongas, and city buses that travel from various parts of the city to it. You can also hire a private cab from one of Udaipur’s top car rental companies to explore City Palace and other nearby attractions.

If you are intending a journey to Rajasthan, don’t forget to include Udaipur on your itinerary. It is not only one of Rajasthan’s must-see travel destinations but also a regal metropolis that will enchant you with its colors, old lanes, memorials, fortresses, Havelis, and foodstuffs. While you’re here, don’t forget to see this majestic regiment, which is like a crown adorning this lovely city.

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