What Are the Benefits of Using AirTags for Travel?



The travel sector experienced a significant increase in demand last year. Planes and hotels were nearly full, and passengers faced long lines, cancellations, enormous crowds, and many other travel inconveniences. The most frustrating part, unfortunately, was the loss of travelers’ belongings. The process of finding your baggage can be a little frustrating — especially while attempting to enjoy your long-awaited holiday. AirTags for travel can solve this issue so you can have a good time during your trip. 

What are AirTags?

AirTags are button-shaped tracking gadgets that use Bluetooth technology to help you discover your belongings (luggage, keys, wallet, and even pets). Simply place the AirTags in your baggage to track it. If your bag goes missing, simply use the ‘Find My’ app to locate it using your AirTags— it’s that simple.       

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Are AirTags for Luggage Easy to Carry?

Yes, it is easy to carry these tags because of their small size. This button-shaped tracking device with a glossy white front can be customized according to your choice along with the silver backing, which is engraved with the brand logo. Each AirTags may be engraved with up to four letters or emoji characters, however multiple emoji are limited due to space constraints. 

These AirTags for luggage are designed with CR2032 batteries and require additional accessories to attach them. AirTags measure 1.26 inches in diameter, with a height of 0.31 inches or 8 mm. It weighs only 0.39 ounces (11 grams). 

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Are AirTags Worth Spending for Travel?

Yes, it’s worth carrying air tags for international travel, because of the features it possesses. Also, these would help prevent your baggage from getting misplaced as you would be able to track it easily. 

AirTags for luggage now have a U1 chip, allowing you to view its specific position no matter where it is located. There are built-in speakers that can be used to play a sound to discover lost AirTags in the house. 

If an AirTags is lost or stolen, the ‘Find My’ network can assist you in locating it. This app uses all the iPhones, iPad, and Mac devices in the area to help you find AirTags. These appear on a map when it is found by someone else’s device.

When an AirTag is identified by someone in the ‘Find My’ network, it will instantly send out a notification. You may then add your contact information so that anybody who finds your item can connect with you.

Some other features of AirTags are precise findings of lost items and separation alerts. 

AirTags for international travel are recommended as they have a replaceable battery that is designed to last about a year before it needs to be changed. If the AirTag is low on battery, then you will receive a notification. Indeed, the battery cannot be charged as it has replaceable batteries. Whereas, the maximum Bluetooth range is around 100 m, so this is traceable at least to that distance. One of the key benefits of AirTags is its dust and water resistance. 

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