Monsoon Travel in Goa: The Beauty of Hinterland Waterfalls



Monsoon travel in Goa may soon get a boost.

Even though the monsoon season is the off-season tourism time in Goa; there is no stopping people from traveling to this coastal state in India. The allure of Goa is such that it attracts visitors in every season even when the beaches become a bit off-limits due to the rains. Perhaps this is the reason the Goan government is constantly boosting avenues for tourism in the state.

Earlier there was an update about the government zeroing in on hinterland tourism in Goa. Then there was news about the state government promoting work from beach in Goa with new infrastructure boost for the same. Now, a new update points to the government focusing on several beautiful waterfalls in Goa to further enhance tourism opportunities in the state.

The Upgrade Plans for Goan Waterfalls

The state government plans to upgrade infrastructure around the waterfalls. The facilities around these natural spots may attract more tourists to these areas.

Tourists (in some numbers), even now, visit the hinterland areas in Goa but due to lack of facilities, their experience may be less-than-ideal. Lack of proper facilities is also a loss to state tourism. Without proper fee levied to visit these attractions; it is difficult to maintain these areas. From now on; there will be charges for tourists visiting waterfalls and other hinterland tourist spots in the state. Picnic spots and bio-toilets near these attractions are also in the offing for the convenience of tourists.

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Visiting Goan Waterfalls

Monsoon travel in Goa is an excellent idea as you can see the state beyond the beaches. Due to rainfalls; the beauty of waterfalls in Goa enhances even further. You can spend an entire day around such scenic spots exploring various attractions or simply relaxing amidst nature. Some of the famous waterfalls in Goa are withing nature or wildlife parks; offering visitors various avenues for sightseeing.

Off-season tourism certainly bodes well for any region. It also offers benefits to tourists. You can get accommodation at rates that are cheaper as compared to peak tourist season. If you are someone who prefers less crowded places when traveling then monsoon travel in Goa is an excellent option. Other than waterfalls, you can also visit various temples and churches in Goa during monsoons along with Portuguese villas. You can also relax in the various cafés dotted along both north and south Goa and simply enjoy the region’s unique vibes.

Some of the famous waterfalls in Goa are –

  • Dudhsagar Falls
  • Netravali Waterfalls
  • Hivre Falls
  • Arvalem Waterfalls
  • Surla Falls

Next time you are planning your Goan holiday; consider the monsoon season as well. You can take direct or connecting flights to Goa any time during the year.

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