Saleshwaram Temple – The Cave Temple in Andhra Pradesh



Saleshwaram Cave Temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, located around 60 kilometers from Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh. The Lingamaiah temple has great significance in the state and all across the country. Nestled in a cave in the Nallamala Forest, the temple is right next to the wedged-shaped waterfall in the forest. In this blog, we have shared all the important information about this religious site in South India.

Significance of Saleshwaram Temple

The temple is distinctly known for its special opening for just 5 days in a year. The religious site is open to visitors and pilgrims during the first full moon or ‘Chaitra Purnima’ after Ugadi, the Telegu New Year. The time generally falls in the month of April or March.

The moonlight cave and temple is no less than a treat for one’s eyes. You also get to visit the waterfall nearby that attracts tourists, adventurers and pilgrims in large numbers. The 200meters high waterfall is one of the most popular spots around in the Nallamala Forest. The devotees from far off lands take holy bath in the water flowing through the temple before getting to the Garbhagudi. The Shiva Lings inside the cave is settled on a large rock. It is usually quite rush on site as travelers trek to the temple in long queues of straight line. However, it is a place worth visiting.

History of Saleshwaram Temple, Srisailam

The construction of this ancient temple dates back to the 6th or 7th century AD. Reference of the temple is found in ancient Hindu Puranas like in Sri Parvatha Purana. The celebrated Hindu Purana, Sri Parvatha Purana has described the cave temple while writing about Srisailam in the 16th century. It has also mentions about the two main theerthams – Pushkara Theertham and Sarvesa Theertham.

Trekking to the temple

Not many know but Saleshwaram is one of the best trekking trails in the Southern India. Adventurers will have a great time trekking to the temple. If you are one such traveler, you must visit the temple with your family or friends. To start the trek, you need to cover a distance of 30 kilometers from Mahbubnagar towards the forest by road. The check point along the way is closed from 9:00 in the night to morning 5:00am. No vehicles are allowed to cross during this period.

Once you reach the destination, put on your trekking shoes and start the ultimate trek through the hilly terrain and lush verdant landscape around. It is a 6 kilometers trek to the temple which will bring you a unique experience. The moment you visit the Shiva Linga inside the temple is surreal.

How to Reach

The best time to visit the temple is in the month of April or March when the Saleshwaram Jathra is celebrated. It is the time when the temple opens inviting tourists from all across the world. You can reach the temple trekking with your group or travel from Srisailam by road covering a distance of 48 kilometers. After crossing 10 kilometers to the left turn towards the forest, you will have to reach the temple on foot. It is a short walk of 1-2kms.

To reach Srisailam, you can book a flight to Hyderabad, the nearest airport, It is a five hour drive from the airport to Srisailam. You can also take bus or trains from different part of the country.

You can book cheap flights to Hyderabad at Indian Eagle, a trusted travel agency. It will be a once in a lifetime experience visiting the sacred Saleshwaram Temple in Andhra Pradesh.

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