Tech Wrap: All that Has Happened in the World of Technology in 2022



2022 has seen a lot of innovations in the technology sector. Be it the breakthroughs in artificial intelligence via ChatGPT or development in Metaverse, which can transport us to a virtual universe, there have been quite a few technological transformations this year. 

In today’s digital age, where nearly everything is being done online, new trends in technology can be seen frequently. These not only cater to the goal of a developed future but also make people’s lives simpler by easing tasks. Apart from making everything efficient, these innovations also improve customer experience and reduce cost thereby increasing profits. 

There have been some noteworthy trends in the world of technology this year. Some of them are mentioned below. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Similar to AI, Robotic Process Automation is a new trend in technology that can automate tasks from a range of industries. It uses multiple applications and software to automate different processes in a business like collection of data and analysis, customer service or any other repetitive task that was earlier managed manually. 

Edge Computing

With user data being collected from an array of platforms; be it websites, social media, emails or simple web searches, cloud computing can sometimes fail. Edge Computing is expected to avoid this and help businesses add data into a ‘data center’ for processing. It is used in distant locations with little or no connectivity to process time-sensitive data. This is also believed to exist ‘on edge’, which means it is a lot closer to the place where data processing will happen. This new application is expected to keep growing with an increase in IoT devices. 

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is by far one of the most popular trends in the world of technology. It became the talk of the town as people due to the security it can offer with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. What makes it a highly secure technology is the fact that the data on a blockchain cannot be changed or removed. Different industries have started using blockchain as it is census-driven and isn’t controlled by a single entity. Also, all transactions are end-to-end and do not require any involvement of a third party. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) in simpler terms is a network of different physical things (objects) that have software, sensors or any other type of technology that can connect and exchange data with other devices or systems online (over the internet) without any human intervention. Be it tracking your steps or handling your electronics such as AC or TV via a smart device, IoT lets you monitor all these from remote locations. Many businesses are also utilizing IoT to monitor tasks from any central hub or predict if a device will malfunction to take action before something goes wrong. 


After the COVID-19 pandemic, there has also been an increase in online payments. And with this, people are more vulnerable to cyber crimes. In order to reduce these issues, organizations are taking cyber security as a priority and working on various solutions such as blockchain technology to reduce the risk of theft. 

5G Connectivity 

Taking high-speed internet to the next level, 5G services were launched by major telecom companies across top metropolitans in India. It is expected to reach every nook and corner of the country soon. 5G will enable faster browsing, improvise the use of data-driven services and even increase the bandwidth for live streaming. Also, the 5G technology plans to revolutionize virtual interactions by combining AR and VR to enhance cloud-based gaming experiences. 

These are some of the top tech trends and innovations in 2022. With time, we will continue to see many more inventions that will keep transforming the world of technology with a hope to reimagine a better future. 

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