Airport Services: Top Facilities of Nanjing Lukou International Airport



If you are too tired to leave the airport and sight see, it is always important to familiarize yourself with the services and facilities of the airport in order take advantage of the time during a layover or stopover at an airport. Though long layover time can be disturbing, you can avail this time to refresh yourself. If your layover is at Nanjing airport, find the following facts and facilities of Nanjing Lukou International Airport that will not only educate you on the airport services, but also give you many choices of refreshment to plan your time at the airport.

About the airport:

Nanjing Lukou International Airport (airport code -NKG) is located in Lukou Town of Jiangning District, Nanjing. It is the key international airport serving Jiangsu Province in China and its capital city, Nanjing. The flight services of this airport extend to 45 domestic cities and 12 international cities. You could find the cheap flights to Nanjing Lukou International Airport here! It has two terminals. However, Terminal-2 carries all the operations as Terminal-1 has been undergoing renovation.

1. Airport Lounges:

The most relaxing facility at Nanjing Airport takes the form of lounges like First Class Lounge, V7 Domestic VIP Lounge, and Golden Century Lounge in Terminal-2. They are accessible through Lounge membership programs or you can simply purchase a lounge pass. Unwind yourself – Sit, stretch and sleep.  Find your peaceful time away from the noise at airport and hustle of your journey. Grab your plate of snacks and a glass of drink; relax by watching TV, reading magazines. Other amenities of Nanjing Airport Lounge include Free Wi-Fi, Internet Terminals and Flight monitors.

2. Baby care facilities:

If you are on a family trip including the old and the young of your family, you know that managing kids at the airport for a long time is a challenge.  But you need not panic when your baby does, because one of the facilities of Nanjing Lukou International Airport is the availability of Baby care rooms on every floor of the terminal-2 to help parents attend to their toddler’s unspoken needs.

3. Banks, ATMs and Currency Exchange:

We always carry sufficient money while travelling. But at the time when we need money more than expected, we would be clueless as how to source the amount immediately in that need of the hour at a new place. It is even more troublesome when travelling internationally where your currency needs to be exchanged in order to be useful.  If you doubt you might need more money, get your currency exchanged at Currency Exchange counters at Nanjing Airport. Travelex is the chief currency exchange provider offering this facility at Nanjing Airport. Banks and ATMs of Bank of China, China Construction Bank are always at your service near Departure Hall.

4. Medical Center:

Have you injured yourself or started to feel unwell all of a sudden?  Do not neglect, immediately rush to the clinics in the Domestic Restricted Area and the International Restricted Area of the Airport. In case of emergency, one could contact the help line numbers of the clinics. (Domestic: 025-52480431   International: 025-52480432   Emergency: 025-52480446, 025-52480438). They provide the essential facility of medical consultation at the Nanjing Airport.

5. Shops and Restaurants:

Six restaurants and tea houses and 11 shops (selling the products of beauty and fashion, accessories, apparels and other local items) can be found along the Departure Hall, the Arrival Hall and at the Concourse.  Taste your favorite Chinese and Western food at the restaurants, sip your cup of the world famous Chinese tea. You can purchase duty-free commodities including tobacco, liquor, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, sunglasses, toys, and healthcare products at the Duty Free Shops – this is one of the special facilities at Nanjing airport.

6. Spa, Fitness Center and Shower:

Most people take pleasure in shower and find it a stress-reliever. You would definitely take a shower after your long journey ends; why not try it when you have ample time at the airport? Or do you feel like swimming for refreshing yourself? Or would you rather like to refresh your mind and soul at a Spa? The Pullman Hotel, airport hotel facility at Nanjing airport, doesn’t disappoint you any which way. It offers showers, swimming pool, Pullman Spa and a fitness center. Two centers of “Zhong Tu Meng Tuan Foot Bath” located one on fourth floor at Departure Hall and the other on first floor at the Arrival Hall provide foot bath service.

       In addition to the above, the other facilities at Nanjing airport include separate smoking areas and rooms, free Wi-Fi connectivity, and a huge car parking lot.

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