Travel Photography Destinations in USA to Capture Precious Moments



Traveling is a memorable experience; no matter where you go, you can remember your trip by capturing moments spent at the various places. And if you are visiting a country like America, you will be left amazed by the landscapes in the region. Travel Photography in USA is a great way to remember the beauty of this nation. From deep canyons, lust national parks, pristine lakes to attractive street murals, insta-worthy cafes, vibrant cities etc. your canvas to capture is humongous.  

Be it road trip photos, portraits or photos of the iconic monuments here, family vacation photos in USA make up for lifetime memories. No matter which state or city you plan to visit there are many tourist destinations that will offer you enough opportunities to click a perfect snapshot. So, if you are an amateur photographer or are simply planning to capture precious moments of your trip with loved ones, here are some popular travel photography destinations in USA. 

Death Valley National Park

If you want to witness something different than the regular beaches or snow-capped mountains then ‘Death Valley National Park’ is where you must head during your trip. It is popular as one of the hottest places in the world and has one-of-a-kind brittle or drought-ridden landscapes. You will love the unique views and might get some aesthetic pictures for the gram!

Seven Magic Mountains 

Seven Magic Mountains is an amazing place for colorful family vacation photos. Located almost 10 miles south of Las Vegas in Nevada, this is one of the best tourist attractions in USA. Seven funky and colorful towers made up of stacked boulders stand at a height of 35 ft. Many say that it is one of the best creative expressions of showcasing the human presence in the desert. Spend a day exploring this area and take some great photos. If you love sunsets, you can take some perfectly-timed photographs of the golden hour, which forms an ideal contrast between natural and artificial. 

The Wave

If you are in Arizona and have been searching for; ‘best photoshoot locations near me’, then you must head to the Wave that is located at Kanab. This gorgeous sandstone formation at the Antelope Canyon is extremely photogenic and immensely popular among tourists. Although only a certain number of people are allowed entry every day, if you are among that lucky lot, you will definitely have a memorable time!

Big Sur

Awe-inspiring oceanside cliffs and scintillating beaches are the key elements for travel photography. And if these are what you like, you can take some spectacular photos of the surroundings at Big Sur. This popular tourist destination in California offers mesmerizing views that will definitely fill your camera roll with some quality images. You can visit Big Sur from April to October but if you love the gray skies and coastal fog in your pictures, you can visit this place during winters. 

Wild Goose Island 

Located in the gorgeous Glacier National Park in Montana, Wild Goose Island is one of the top destinations for travel photography in USA. Set amidst the center of a lake and with mountains surrounding, it offers impeccable views. Visit early in the morning, find the right spot and start capturing some precious shots of the landscape. You can also travel in a group and take some amazing photos. 

There are numerous other travel photography destinations in USA that are a perfect amalgamation of natural beauty and man-made wonders. These offer amazing views and incredible opportunities for you to take those timeless photos. Which of the places mentioned above would you like to visit to satisfy the hidden photographer in you? Share your thoughts and choices in the comment section below. 

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