7 Reasons Why You Should Travel to the Philippines



Traveling to the Philippines- a huge archipelagic nation with more than 7000 islands can give you a true Asian holiday experience. The rich nation is hugely popular on the international radar for its numerous islands, pretty beaches with pristine blue waters, diving spots for WW2 ship wreckages, jeepney rides, Filipino cuisine, historical monuments, shopping malls, and rich biodiversity of wild life and exotic birds. The top attractions and some untouched places in Philippines are two of the biggest reasons why you should travel to the Philippines. Here’s our take on some of the best reasons for traveling to this highly touristy destination.

1.The country is home to some exotic beaches and gorgeous islands:

One of the top reasons why you should travel to the Philippines is it is recognized by many as a top island hopping destination. Being one of the largest archipelagic nations of the world, Philippines has so many picturesque islands of the likes of Bohol, Palawan and Borocay that are worth touring. While the main appeal of the islands is plenty of sunshine, pretty beaches like El Nido Beach and Borocay Beach (one of the best beaches in the world), diving spots, and boat cruises, the Filipino islands are also perfect for touring the natural wonders like waterfalls, caves and limestone rock formations like The Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

2.The Filipino Cuisine is worth tasting:

Another reason why you should travel to the Philippines is it offers delicious tasting food to the incoming tourists-the famous Filipino cuisine , a rare mélange of Spanish, Chinese, Malaysian, and American cuisines. Due to the diverse regions and the numerous ethno linguistic groups of the island-nation, the Filipino foods vary slightly with the region from where they are being served. A holiday in the Philippines is truly worth for relishing the local dishes. The must-eats are:

  • Adobo- This is made by slow cooking the marinade of chicken with soy sauce and vinegar in a clay pot, a must-eat
  • Kinilaw- This is a popular Filipino dish which is very similar to the Ceviche in Latin America
  • Porbida- This is a traditional Filipino food made with kangkong leaves and coconut milk
  • Binagol- This is a preparation made from a root vegetable like Cassava
  • Halo Halo- A popular after desert item made with ice shavings, evaporated milk, kidney beans, ice cream, and seasonal fruits
  • Calamansi juice- A refreshing juice made with a citrus fruit

3.Philippines has a rich flora and fauna that needs to be explored:

The huge archipelagic nation of the Philippines has a rich biodiversity of wildlife, birds, and plants. No tour to the Philippines is complete without getting a feel of the nation’s biodiversity. The island-nation is known for housing some 600 species of exotic birds, 8000 species of plants, and 800 species of wild orchards besides the rare animals like civet cats, deers, and wild hogs. Interestingly, Philippines is home to the extinct Tarsier- the smallest primate in the world which can be found on the Bohol Island and is worth exploring. Zambales Mountain region is our best pick for exploring the rich flora and fauna of the Philippines.

4.There are so many beautiful places to visit in the Philippines:

The country has an abundance of picturesque tourist spots which makes it one of the most-visited destinations in South East Asia. From the most gorgeous limestone formations-Chocolate hills of Bohol to the instagrammable city of Makati to the stunning islands and beaches with turquoise waters, there’s no dearth of finding scenic places across the vast length and breadth of the nation for taking Instagram-worthy pictures.

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5.There are so many shopping options for the shopaholics:

Philippines is your best bet for a unique shopping experience and it offers stiff competition to its Asian neighbors like Hong Kong and Singapore. From upscale shopping malls of the likes of SM Shopping Mall in Manila and SM City North EDSA in Quezon City selling top designer clothes and fashion accessories to corner street shops selling local handicrafts and souvenirs like pina cloth, there are plenty of options for shopaholics to explore. Shopping is unarguably one of the best reasons why you should travel to the Philippines, especially Manila. Traveling to Manila in 2020 is simple and easy. Fly with IEagle.

6.The local Filipinos can speak and understand English language:

One more reason why English speaking tourists should be traveling to the Philippines is the locals can understand English and can converse in the language well, so tourists from countries like the USA and United Kingdom will get a feeling it’s a home away from home where language is no barrier and can discover the place without much difficulty.

7.The Filipinos are amicable and highly hospitable people:

Visiting a new holiday destination where the people are friendly and hospitable is very vital for having a seamless holiday in a new destination. The Filipino people are known for their amicability, hospitality and politeness and these are also some of the other reasons why you should be going to the Philippines this winter.

Now that you are convinced about why you should travel to the Philippines, don’t you think it’s high time you planned a travel itinerary to visit this beautiful Asian destination with so many great attractions for the incoming tourists? Manila, the capital city of the Philippines can be a good jump-off point for exploring this vast island-nation. Traveling to Manila in 2020 is simple and easy. Have your cheap flights to Manila booked on right now for leveraging the lowest airfares.

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