Shore Hop to These 6 Amazing Bacolod City Beaches



Bacolod, the City of Smiles is a famous tourist destination filled with beautiful and unspoilt beaches. If you plan a trip here, take some time to make your way to the sprawling shore and explore the pristine Bacolod City beaches. 

Most of these turquoise water beaches are unvisited giving you calmness among what can only be described as pure paradise. This list will definitely make you want to book cheap flights to Bacolod immediately. Read on to find out which are the best Bacolod City beaches you must visit.  

Explore the Rural Beauty of Cadiz 

Cadiz opens to the Visayan Sea to the North and is surrounded by cities like Victorias and Silay. This is one of the best Bacolod City beaches which is about an hour drive from the main city. 

Unlike most of the places with beaches, Cadiz is a 2nd class city that leans towards agriculture and aquatic resources. Most of the areas are rural giving you a 100% natural experience. 

Enjoy the Wonders of Unspoilt Nature at Sagay 

Sagay prides itself with the slogan “Where love for nature begins” and once you see it you will begin to believe it. This coastal area has marine reserves including Carbin Reef and Maca Reef. 

Carbin Reef is considered one of the best white beaches in Bacolod. The Carbin Reef is hands down the most beautiful thing you will ever see in Bacolod. It is a tongue shaped white sanded island with snorkeling that will give you a glimpse into the beauty of untouched aquatic life.  

Take a Nap at Nato’s Beach

This beach is a serene place to relax as its ambience is cozy with a homely touch to it. Nato’s beach is considered as one of the most beautiful Bacolod City beaches for exclusive gatherings and parties. Nature lovers will also be delighted to take a nap on the many hammocks facing the endless horizon. 

If you’ve picked a hotel near the Bacolod Silay international airport, the beach is just 45 mins from there. So start you shore hopping from Nato and move your way to the others. 

Turtle Beach: Admire This Tropical Gem  

Turtle beach is about 3 hours away from Bacolod on the Danjugan Island. This beach was named Turtle after it was discovered that the reptiles used the sandy area as a nesting ground. 

All those in dire need of peace and serenity, can hike through the forests with the help of a guide to reach turtle beach. As you emerge through the trees, all you can hear are the waves crashing against the shore and the distant caws of seagulls. 

It truly is an awe-inspiring moment and to make the experience even better go up the watchtower to get a 360 degree view.  

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Take This Sweetening Drive to Sugar Beach 

Sugar beach is one of the less famous beaches in Sipalay about 5 hours away from Bacolod. Its unpopularity makes it a perfect spot for those who want to get away from the huge crowd of tourists. If you visit this beach remember to take a look at the brown sugar looking sand which is why it is called Sugar Beach. 

Surrounded by coconut trees and enclosed by rock formation, this natural beauty is without a doubt one of the best Bacolod City beaches. 

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Take a Mental Picture of the Scenic Beauty at Punta Ballo 

This beach is about a 4 hour drive from Bacolod and the drive is totally worth it. Opening into the Sulu Sea, this one kilometer long white beach is one of the best Bacolod City beaches on this list. 

It has a great oceanic view with the added touch of rugged limestone cliffs. All its surroundings perfectly come together at sunset giving you a sight you’d never want to miss. Punta Ballo is truly a hidden gem of the Philippines making it one of the most sought after Bacolod City beaches.  If you still need convincing here are reasons why you should travel to the Philippines.  Hopping from one beach to another is guaranteed to be pure bliss, so book those tickets now. To make your life easier, visit the IEagle website that lists cheap flight tickets and offers on business class bookings. 

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