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Devouring your favorite dish is one of the most soul-soothing experiences. Especially when you are traveling, most of you might crave for your favorite food while others might want to experiment with their palate. If you are on a trip to America and are busy exploring various places to visit in USA, you can try some of the local favorites in this great country. Particularly, restaurants in Houston will leave you amazed with their wide array of scrumptious offerings. 

Food in Houston will definitely impress you. Not just local delicacies, you will find countless dishes from different cuisines in almost all eateries here. Both tourists and residents love experimenting with food and trying an array of dishes. From the best sushi in Houston to the juiciest burger; you can try whatever you love in this dynamic city. 

Food in Houston

Once you land in the city via international flights, you can embark on discovering some local favorites that will delight you as well. Here are some of the top favorite local foods Houston.

  1. Banh Mi
  2. Tamales
  3. Pho
  4. Queso
  5. Kolache
  6. Crepes
  7. Viet Cajun Crawfish
  8. Pecan Pie
  9. Barbecued Beef Ribs
  10. Fajitas

But to be able to relish on these delicacies or even try something new, it is important that you visit the right place. There are numerous restaurants in Houston and each in some way is better than the other. If you are in the mood to try coffee or some snacks, you can even head to some of the top cafes in Houston. These are a common meeting place for most locals and tourists. 

Here are some of the top restaurants in Houston that you must visit during your trip to this incredible city. 

Truth BBQ

If you are a fan of the smoky flavor and tenderness of barbecued meat or veggies, you must head to this gorgeous restaurant in Houston. Smoked boudin, whole-hog roasts, fatty brisket, and Saturday-only beef ribs are some of the most selling dishes here. Once just a small shack, Truth BBQ has evolved into one of the best eating places in Houston. Tater tot casserole, corn pudding, and a variety of cakes are also available. 


If you are in a mood for mouth-watering delicacies from European cuisine, Squabble is where you must go. This is also one of the best restaurants in Houston and offers a well-curated menu. From dutch baby pancakes and ricotta to marinated mussels, calico beans and bonito aioli, you will find some delicious food combinations at this place. The juicy French cheeseburger and bolognese lasagna are a must-try when visiting Squable. 

Bludorn Restaurant

Bludorn is one of the most popular restaurants in Houston and serves scrumptious local delicacies. This place is known to offer one of the best seafood in town. Sea urchin spaghetti, seafood hot pie, seafood tower, and piping-hot grouper. Maitake mushrooms, charred octopus, and Tarte flambee are some of the must-try starters at the Bludorn restaurant in Houston. 

Xin Chao

Xin Chao is one of the best award-winning restaurants in Houston. You will find a lot of delicacies from Texas here. Try their best-selling dishes such as lemon-grass-buttermilk fried chicken with pandan rice, smoked beef rib flat rice noodles, which are made using 44 farms ribs, pickled cucumber, hot satay honey, and beef tallow aioli. 

Phat Eatery

If you are fond of Malaysian cuisine or want to try some of the Malaysian food items, you must visit the Phat Eatery. You will find the best street food in Houston here and these will only leave you craving for more. Don’t forget to try their best-seller satay skewers and roti canai, which are made fresh. The juicy curry-sauce crawfish is also popular here; you must have a big appetite to finish this or you can share it with someone. Grilled whole snapper in sambal sauce, sizzling black pepper, and Hainanese chicken are also a must-try. 

There are many other famous restaurants in Houston such as Xochi, Turner’s, Traveler’s Table, Riel etc. that offer mouth-watering food items. Which of the eateries mentioned above would you like to visit? Feel free to share your choices in the comment section! 

You can book international flights via Indian Eagle and travel from Houston to any of your Indian destinations at an affordable price. So, why wait? Plan your itinerary today and get ready for a soul-soothing and delectable food experience.

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