10 Tips for Solo Female Travelers in Philippines



Many female travelers hesitate to venture out on their own in a new land but with the right knowledge you will be fine. The Philippines is a beautiful place of natural wonders filled with a number of exciting things to do. All those worried solo travelers, fear not because below you will read the 10 useful tips for solo female travelers in Philippines. 

This travel guide priorities tips for female travelers but also relates to beginners. If you need a nudge here are the reasons to travel philippines.

1. Plan and Book in Advance 

The Philippines is an archipelago country with some of nature’s greatest wonders. If you are planning a trip to this green haven remember to do some research on the area you plan to visit. The best time to travel to the Philippines is between December and February. 

Many solo female travelers suggest booking a hostel as there is strength in numbers. You can also book a hostel room in a female only dorm, if that makes you feel safer. Remember to trust your instincts and if you feel uncomfortable, leave. 

2. Pack a Medical Kit 

The general culture of the Filipinos are based on the Christianity religion, making a number of medical needs unavailable in this country. Although the Philippines is opening up to new ideas especially with the increased amount of expats, there are still a bit of restrictions in their culture.

This is one of the most important tips for solo female travelers in Philippines, carry all your required feminine products. From tampons or menstrual cups to even condoms and contraception pills, ensure you carry these according to your needs in your medical kit before traveling.  

3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings 

It is easy to get lost in the sites while traveling but solo travelers need to be a little more on guard. While walking the streets be sure to never let your bag and phone out of sight. It is also advised not to give beggars money as it is illegal to beg in the Philippines. 

4. Drink for Fun Not for Drunk 

This one sounds a bit harsh but one can never be too careful. Keep a track of your alcohol threshold and make sure you don’t go beyond it. Keeping your wits and a clear mind will help you stay safe and not be taken advantage of. 

 5. Keep Your Belongings Safe 

Buy a padlock for your luggage so you can lock your bag whenever you leave your room. But also, do not spare money on your accommodation and book a safe hotel or hostel for your vacation. Look for cheap flights to Philippines to save on your travel expenditure. 

6. Don’t be Over-friendly, Just be Polite 

This is one of the most important tips for solo female travelers in Philippines, so make sure you follow it to the T. Smile and greet people you interact with on your stay but do not get over-friendly. 

The one thing to remember is not to share any of your personal details like where you are staying or where you plan to travel with any of the strangers you come across. This is a cautionary measure to ensure you are not followed and stay safe. 

7. Learn a Few Popular Flipino Greetings 

Locals are generally friendly and kind to tourists as it boosts their economy but if you make an extra effort it might give you the upper hand. Learn a few common phrases in Filipino like ‘Hello’ or ‘How are you doing?’ 

Most locals speak in English but the locals will be impressed and more inclined to help you if you greet them in their mother tongue. 

8. Stay Confident  

This is one of the more tricky tips for solo female travelers in Philippines but can be mastered over time. Staying confident as you venture out in this unknown land will keep the attention away from you. Do not seem like you are scared or lost, instead take a few minutes to refer to your itinerary and go on your way. 

9. Avoid Using Public Transport 

Ensure you stress on finding accomodation that provides tour shuttles and private transport to its guests. A better alternative is to use a transport booking app like Grab which is available in the Philippines. 

Although public transport is the cheapest, avoiding it is a safer option. If push comes to shove, you can always take a long walk and gaze at the local beauty. Unleash the beauty of these untouched places in Philippines to add to your solo adventure. 

10. Stay Connected 

This one is stressed upon by all regular travelers, staying connected. This simply means to keep your phone charged at all times and note the country’s embassy number on speed dial. Send your detailed itinerary to a friend or family member and keep updating your social media. 

While updating your social media is not a necessity; send your daily plans or location to someone you trust. Keep in mind that if you’re in a difficult position call 117 which is the Philippines police department.  

These are the 10 tips for solo female travelers in Philippines that are based on safety. Now that you know what to and what not to do on your vacation, why not book those flight tickets? iEagle is booming for its curation skills for reasonable international and national air travel.

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